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     Use of the member-only sections of this website are a privilege granted only to those that are active, attending members of Bloomingdale Christian Church and are at least 18 years old. All website members must be approved by the website administrator(s). Any content posted by a website member that is deemed inappropriate and/or offensive by the website administrator(s) will be documented, their website membership terminated, and the documentation will be presented to the church elders for their review and recommended action.

     All content on the member-only pages of this website is intended only for use by the Bloomingdale Christian Church membership. Any distribution of content taken from the member-only pages of this website, including but not limited to photos, documents, and member contact information, will be considered a violation of the terms of use. Any person reported to have violated this agreement will have their website membership terminated and the case will be submitted to the church elders for review and recommended action.

     Members who no longer desire to maintain their membership at Bloomingdale Christian Church are strongly encouraged to formally notify the board of their intentions, and at such time their website membership will be terminated. In the event no formal notification is made, and other circumstantial arrangements are not in place (ex. arranged temporary leave of absence), the website administrator(s) will present a request to terminate their membership to the board for approval. Upon the approval of the board, their website membership will be terminated.

     Website memberships may be reinstated after termination upon the review and approval of the church elders.