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William Bales


William serves with the middle and high school ministry of CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) in Fischers, Indiana. He reaches several local schools, and also works regionally to design conferences and nationally to recruit and build online resources to help teenagers do ministry.


Serving since 2014


Fred and Kirsten Lee


While Fred was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base, the Lord burdened their hearts to reach out to the military. Fred graduated from Bible College in 1998 and they started raising support. In 2000 the Lord called them to reach the military along the Gulf Coast. Their focus is evangelism, discipleship, and encouragement of military personnel in the Gulf area and specifically Keesler Air Force Base (KAFB) in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Lighthouse Baptist Military Ministry

Serving since 1999

Tim and Laurel Marsh


Tim and Laurel have been in full-time children’s ministry since 1979, and have ministered around the world teaching the Gospel of Christ. Music is a significant part of “Uncle” Tim’s ministry, and he is also a band teacher at Otsego Christian Academy.

With his love for the Lord, a great sense of humor, and his right-hand man Uncle Herman, Tim assists churches in reaching boys and girls with the Gospel.  He leads Vacation Bible Schools in the summer, and also Release Time Class during the school year.

Independent Children's Bible Mission

Serving since 1979

Harald and Helga Schwaiger


Harald and Helga were born and raised in Austria. Both regularly attended Catholic churches as children, but neither accepted Christ until later in life through evangelical evening services and others sharing the Gospel with them.

Harald and Helga felt that God wanted them in full-time ministry. They moved to the US to attend Frontier School of the Bible in Wyoming. Since graduation, they have been serving as missionaries to Mormons.

They started The Grace Place church in St. George, Utah, in October 2016 and continue to strive to build relationships and share the Gospel.

Tentmakers Bible Mission

Serving since 2012


Joel and Amanda Sewell


Joel and Amanda met in Alaska in 2001, while Joel was working for Victory Bible Camps. They married in 2003, and in 2006 Joel graduated from Frontier School of the Bible. They had both been involved in short term mission trips among Native American peoples, and joined InterAct Ministries to continue their mission work.

Their ministry focus is church planting with the Stoney people and First Nations people in Alberta, Canada, where they have been serving since 2008.

InterAct Ministries

Serving since 2007


Roy and Laura Theissen


Roy and Laura grew up in a small community in New Jersey. Roy always had a heart for reaching people for Christ, and both supported friends from Bible College that were serving with InterAct Ministries. They decided to join InterAct, and landed in Cardston, Alberta, in 2009.

They are part of a camping ministry in the summer that serves native kids and teens. Roy serves as a teacher and disciple-maker at a local multicultural fellowship in Cardston. Their vision is to see believers in lower Alberta make disciples.

InterAct Ministries

Serving since 2009


Kalamazoo Gospel Mission

kzoo gospel mission.png

The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission started as a Depression-era soup kitchen and evening chapel service, founded by Jake and Anna Hildebrand. Since then, the Gospel Mission has expanded to include men’s and women’s shelters, a children’s ministry, thrift store, and continues to provide meals and offer evening chapel services.

Est. 1933


Bruce and Gail Hosner


Wycliffe Bible Translators

Serving since 1989


Bruce and Gail were involved on the missions committee at Bloomingdale Christian Church for several years when they felt the Lord leading them to do something more full time. After much prayer, the Lord led them to Wycliffe.

Bruce and Gail are in supportive positions for those translating the Bibles. Bruce’s ministry is to send safety equipment to missionaries overseas, and Gail handles financials so that these provisions can continue.

Aaron and Teresa Krause


Word of Life

Serving since 2013


Both Aaron and Teresa grew up in the local area and attended CF in Bloomingdale. They attended Appalachian Bible College, and while there started working with different ministries in the area.

Aaron and Teresa share the Gospel with people where they are and equip local churches to do the same. They have served in major cities including NYC and Chicago, as well as small towns. They use sketch board messages, object lessons, prayer stations, Gospel illusions, and other means by which they can lead into one-on-one conversations about people’s need for Christ.

George and Jenny Samuel


The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)

Serving since 1978


George grew up in a TEAM ministry, as his parents started ministering with TEAM missionaries in a village in Northern India. George graduated from the Union Biblical Seminary, and then worked with TEAM in an outreach ministry in the mountains.

He later went to Jhansi to work in a church planting ministry, where he met his wife Jenny. He became pastor of the church, and later Director of Ministries. He has since taken on administration of TEAM-India. George and Jenny travel periodically to the US and Canada to challenge new missionaries and help them get into India.

Calvin and Eva Sears


Christian Missions in Many Lands (CMML)

Serving since 1964


Calvin and Eva Sears serve in rural Mexico, where they have been missionaries for many years. Their mission has been to help start churches in rural Mexico. They are currently focusing on rebuilding their church in Puebla, which currently has around 30 attendees.

Members of Calvin and Eva’s family are also working to preach the Gospel. Their son and grandson are ministering each Sunday morning in a new area to teach people of Christ. Another grandson is now preaching in the Yucatan area. Their daughter also serves through music with her brothers’ ministries.

Rolland and JoAnn Smith


Camino Global

Serving since 1970


Rolland and Jo Ann have served with Camino Global since 1971, first in Guatemala for 10 years among the Cakchiquel Indian people, then in Mexico for 31 years focusing on evangelism, church planting and development, and leadership training. They have planted and developed four churches in the northeastern section of the greater metropolitan area of Mexico City.

Their present ministry is with Hispanics in the US. They focus on evangelism and discipleship, and mentoring Hispanic couples in missionary internship.

Bloomingdale Christian Fellowship


Serving since 1973


Christian Fellowship (CF) began in November 1973 as a ‘short-term’ mission. The focus was to have a group that would help Christian students support each other within Bloomingdale High School, reach out to other students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and look for fun activities for students. 

CF has since expanded to include students from different area schools, and also a middle school ministry.  CF’s focus is still to bring the Gospel to middle and high school-age young people, and encourage them to become involved in local churches.

Youth for Christ Kalamazoo

youth for christ.png

Kalamazoo was one of the initial “core” cities for the national Youth for Christ organization. Started by Torrey Johnson and Billy Graham, YFC has grown to include ministries around the world that reach and engage young people in relationships to share the Gospel.